Monday, April 10, 2006

Watch That Girl Go!!

David Patrick Columbia provides us with an extra-special treat today. At the New Yorkers for Children benefit on Friday night, Tinsley Mortimer expressed her feelings about Underprivileged Youths by dancing up a storm...and fortunately for us, New York Social Diary was there to capture it in all of its glory! Here are some of the highlights of this most fabulous montage:

This move may look simple enough, but what you may NOT know is that Tinsley's dance partner has no right arm, thanks to a freak accident involving the zipper on a Loro Piana sweater. Thus, Tinsley is actually defying gravity by standing, unsupported, at a 45 degree angle. She has worked for many years to hone this particular party trick, and it looks like she's just about nailed it here. Notice how she keeps her mouth open in order to maintain proper balance.

This is an updated version of the traditional "Hokey Pokey"dance. Body parts are disqualified from entry into the "shake it all about zone" if they are not appropriately accessorized. Preferably in Stephen Dweck or David Yurman baubles and platform heels higher than 3.5 inches. Tinsley passed with flying colors! Green, white, and a warm, off-platinum honey blond, to be exact.

In this shot, Tinsley is practicing a particularly lethal Jujitsu move. A waxed, yoga-toned leg is bent suggestively in the direction of the perpetrator, who, distracted by the enticing imagery, is completely oblivious to the neck-snapping headlock to which he is about to fall victim. Unbeknownst to her male companion, he will not be supporting another batch of Underprivileged Youths any time soon...

Here we see Tinsley and "friend" involved in an intricate dance step (evasive measure?) in which a metallic clutch is passed back and forth between blond socialites attempting to avoid physical contact with a sweaty, mildly effeminate, social-climbing Princeton graduate in the magazine industry. On every fourth downbeat, the clutch is opened, a small mirror is removed, and a Chanel lip gloss is liberally applied with a sweeping, syncopated motion.


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