Monday, April 24, 2006

Vegas Social Diary- Party Pictures

It was a splendid Easter Weekend in Vegas! High Society was out and about in all of its colorful, classy permutations in honor of spring, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and legal prostitution. Notable socialites included Candi Johnson from the Central Valley Trailer Park, Butch the Skinhead, Martin and Sally Weinberger of northern Peoria, all members of Tonya Perkowski's bachelorette party, and a chronic gambler and drifter named Bo Blackjack from Ocala, FL. With such a roster of distinguished guests, the weekend was a guaranteed success! Let's take a look at some of the fashionable men/women- about- town:

Here is Big Stu, back in Vegas after completing a successful hit for one of his KKK clients. In this picture, he is unarmed, but he generally looks all the more dapper with a lead pipe or a tire iron in hand. You can't see it here, but rest assured that those jeans end at the knee. Stu wouldn't be caught dead in denim unless it's in shorts form; with a K-Mart model girlfriend to let him know what's "hot" and what's "not," he's always on the cutting edge when it comes to fashion!

Nothing says "I love you, so let's indulge in one too many bags of pork rinds together" like matching color schemes! Especially when they involve overalls and sneaker-clogs. Here, this chic duo struts the catwalk of Las Vegas Blvd and shows the world how to do oversized, red t-shirts the RIGHT way.

Warning! Style mavens ahead! That's what this second example of Couples Coordination screams to us with these bold orange accents. Socialites Krystal and Buck O'Reilly mean business; a man in cropped knickers doesn't mess around. Krystal's clogs serve as an ingenious geometric counterpoint to the angles created by her shoulder blades, the shirt that somehow falls far short of them, and the Sunglass Centerpiece on this metaphoric table of wonders.
In yet another example of this noteworthy fad, society trendsetters Phyllis and Bob Smith opted for a very Spring-ish floral motif. Phyllis' magenta capris were cropped just enough to allow the white on her shirt to match the white of her sun-starved calves. Bob's shirt beautifully complements the tint of his Blueblockers- and don't think for a moment that he didn't know it when he chose this finely nuanced ensemble!
Here is Ryan Abutino, ever-dandy member of Vegas' most established social circles. His high status is evidenced by his fluency in the universal language of Medallion. Even though you can't see it well in this picture (despite my fervent attempts to make it visible for the camera), suffice it to say that he's got one mean hunk of gold-plated copper on that white collar!
Buddy and Lynette Bibbers enjoy a quiet moment on the regal pillars of Caesar's Palace. Buddy, ever mindful of his physique and the importance of adequately "filling out" one's wifebeater, enjoys a bag of Lays while Lynette adjusts her Eagle Eyes to better view his mandals.
Uh-oh! Looks like David Patrick Columbia and I have competition when it comes to Society photography! I'm not sure which website or publication this shoot was for, but if I had to guess, I'd say Quest or Avenue magazines, or perhaps the New Yorker. Or the New Republic.
Ever the "businessman," Dirk Dragon checks his Blackberry to see if any "clients" have e-mailed. His lineage is impeccable, and Dirk prides himself on being a 14th-generation chest waxer. His tailor removes the top 5 buttons of every shirt he purchases, including this tasteful, elegant number lifted from the set of a 1987 film called "Boobs in Toyland."
And of course, last but not least, it's respected artist and toast of the town Val The Stripper. Typically camera shy, Val agreed to be photographed here, so long as it was done with levels of sophistication and class to which he is accustomed. Val's line of designer thongs has been featured in such magazines as Playgirl and Bulk Male. Additionally, he has hosted a number of notable, exclusive parties in Las Vegas, including the Young Republicans Banquet and Muffie Potter Aston's anniversary party.


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