Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Vindication Station

I've gotten word of a certain website that ranks New York's socialites based on evaluation by a "Board of Directors which consists of three designers, four editors, two dames and one gentleman of the social scene, one gossip columnist and one party photographer who came up with the final rankings for the first and historic ranking." This is, indeed, a momentous occasion, and not just because a) this consolidation of New York's Finest means that I can meet the wise, all-knowing photographic gaze of Lauren DuPont or Plum Sykes at any time of day or night with one simple click of the mouse b) I can now bask in the knowledge that at least 12 people have even less to do with their time than I do- and also choose to abuse this boredom by showing a flagrant lack of concern for anything less superficial than a scratch c) the point discrepancy between Lauren Bush and Helen Lee Schifter has been plaguing me for many moons now. And while I kind of sensed all along that they were about .3 points apart, I couldn't quite nail the specifics of where they stood vis-a-vis Lisa Airan. Now I know!

All of those things contribute to the gravity of this groundbreaking, history-altering moment, don't get me wrong. However, the true significance lies in one major fact: these Mystery Judges have independently and scientifically come to the same conclusion that I came to long ago (well, three months ago). They, too, know that Tinsley Mortimer is #1!! All those times that I doubted myself, considered doing a Lauren Davis Report or an analysis of Amanda Hearst's dancing maneuvers instead of sticking with the Tins, I was simply trying to ignore the inner voice that kept shouting "Mortimer! Mortimer!" But I was right, and now I have evidence. This is truly a thrilling day for all involved (me). I will sleep well tonight, that's for sure...


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