Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An Ode To Kate Moss

O Kate, you Queen of the Shabby-Chics!
O Kate, who snorts before she speaks!
Off the mirror, off the ground
In the South African presidential compound
Before hitting the runway, up in the suite
In the living room, or in any room with Pete
With a euro bill, with a straw
With a Post-It, or with your well-manicured claw
From a spoon or from a ladle
Off your wrist or off the table
With the lead pipe, in the loo
More methods and places than a game of Clue!

Kate sees London, Kate sees France
O Kate, you see the world, but you won't take a chance
Before you go, you send out feelers
Out go your slaves, and in come new dealers
Designers use your face to sell us clothes
You use your face as a vacuum hose
O Kate, how you've helped Bolivia's economy thrive!
How noble of you to keep its coca farmers alive
O Kate, how we'd all give an arm and a leg
To see the powdery yolk of your Faberge egg
You'd make "omelets" galore for all to consume
'Till not one nasal membrane is left in the room!


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